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[too carefree to have a journal name]

it's scary inside of your head, huh.

Bonjour! Or whatever, 'cause seriously. It's just...HEY.

My names Stephanie, though you can call me that or Raider. My birthday's March 6th (I say this 'cause I expect happy birthdays,) and I'm a writer.

Yeah...My favorite colors are purple and green and I love music. And writing. I'm homeschooled.

That's...about it. XD I'm not that interesting. Well, now there's a facebook, but it's seldomly used and only for stalking and the such. :D I like many things. Such as...stuff. Yeah. :D And twitter, can't forget the twitter and the tumblr which is wonderful so wonderful. The age on here is a lie, but I'm tired of not being able to get to the adult content stuff. So there.